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3 Things that You Can Store in a Self-Storage Unit Right Now!

Man holding storage boxes

3 Things that You Can Store in a Self-Storage Unit Right Now!

1. Halloween costumes/decorations: There’s definitely a good chance that you still have those wild costumes still lying around the house; but now it’s time to grab all those, along with the fake pumpkins and other displays, box it all up and put it into a storage unit.

Stop taking up so much room in your shed, garage or any other part of your home for storage!

2. Summer stuff. Perhaps you love going to the beach during the summer, or prefer going on hikes and swimming in the lake; either way, wherever you go and whatever you bring--it might only be a few things or it could be a full line-up--take advantage of a large or mini storage unit near Mount Pocono, PA  or any of its surrounding areas, where you can securely store everything in one safe place until next summer.

 Self-Storage gives you peace of mind about the continued safety and security of important belongings!  

3. Mementos. Maybe you have some awesome sports memorabilia or other interesting souvenirs from important experiences and events in your life; in any case, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to store them somewhere safe? Even if you soon find a good a place to display something, then you can simply drive back over to your unit and grab it.

Of course, it's only natural to want to keep everything that’s important to you close and in your possession, but you must consider what potential property damage can entail. No matter how prepared you might be and which precautionary steps you might take to make sure that something is stored in a safe place, anything can happen! From fire damage and flooding to large leaks in your roof, where do you want your most prized possessions when something goes wrong?

When you rent a secure self-storage unit near Tobyhanna, PA or any of its surrounding areas from AAA Self-Storage, you’ll have the opportunity to store everything that you want forever--as well as those things that you might use only a few weeks or months out of the year--while ensuring its protection the entire time!

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