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3 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Self-Storage Unit Organized

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3 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Self-Storage Unit Organized

Not only does a messy office space make a bad first impression on customers, but it can also make workers feel just as disorganized as their surroundings. In addition, it can negatively affect the efficiency of your business. Facilitate a cleaner, more orderly working environment, improve the morale of your employees and become more productive by renting a self-storage unit in Stroudsburg, PA and the surrounding areas. Restore the available space your company has been missing! To help you do so, here are three tips for successfully storing inventory in a self-storage unit:        

  1. Make a list. Look around your office and jot down any of the items that you feel comfortable about putting into storage. Maybe you have an excess of inventory that has just been sitting around and taking up too much space. Or your office is cluttered with boxes of important documents that are never touched on a regular basis. Or perhaps there are too many desks or chairs. Either way, making a distinction between the things you need every day and those you don’t, will help you to determine the necessary size of your self-storage unit. You’ll probably be surprised by the number of things in your office that are taking up space, yet rarely used.  
  2. Pack the right way. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through the packing process just so your office has more space right away. Instead, take your time to make sure everything is packed in a safe, secure manner. This makes all the difference between keeping inventory or supplies in good condition and finding them damaged in the future. Smaller items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed away in strong cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Make sure you label them, too, to make retrieval that much easier. Situate any furniture that you won’t need anytime soon towards the back. Also, use boxes and plastic bins designed for files to store important documents. You might even want to think about putting shelves in the unit to keep all your files organized and within sight.
  3. Design a map. Draw a map of your self-storage unit in Mount Pocono, PA or anywhere else that accurately reflects its dimensions. When you start storing boxes, furniture, extra products, samples and other miscellaneous items, write down on your diagram exactly where they’re located, the date they were stored, and how much you have. Update this list every time you store or remove something. Just like running a business, staying organized is the key to successfully storing all your belongings. Put in the time to keep meticulous records, so you don’t have to rummage through everything in storage just to find something you need months down the line.


Rent a self-storage unit to facilitate a tidy working environment! You’ll make a great first impression on customers, boost the morale of your employees and improve the efficiency of your business!

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