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Utilize a Self-Storage Unit to Cope with Separation Anxiety

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Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Unit This Fall

Renting a self-storage unit is great for storing things that take up too much space in your home. And there’s no doubt that fall is a perfect time of the year to do some things around the house; the hot weather has gone away and the cold weather has yet to move in. So to help you out with your weekend projects, here are two reasons why you should rent a self-storage unit this fall:

  1. The holiday season will be here before you know it. This means you’ll soon be inviting friends and family over to your home to celebrate. So instead of cramming a whole bunch of junk in the spare room, garage or even your closet this year, think about renting a storage space in Monroe County, PA and other areas throughout the Pocono Mountains. Free up some standing room for everybody joining in on the fun.

    Don’t fool yourself; even if you try to disguise it, everyone knows there’s a mountain of junk underneath those blankets. Planning holiday parties shouldn’t be so stressful! Don’t jam-pack all that stuff into one of your kids’ rooms again this year. Instead, rent a self-storage unit and safely store all the stuff that you just can’t build up enough courage to throw away.

  3. Snow storms. Yes, we hate to break it to you, but in only a few short months, snow will be covering the ground. This means now is the time to organize your garage. Why? Because that’s where you keep your snow blower, gas cans, shovels and bags of salt. Most garages look like a bomb just went off, with junk spewed all over the place. Pull it all together and feel more confident about having everything you need when the snowflakes flow down.


Everyone knows you don’t want to get rid of those old, dilapidated boxes stacked in your garage. Some might be full of childhood memories, like trophies, tickets to ball games, pictures, yearbooks, and who knows, there might even be a few love letters from high school, too. Other boxes might simply be filled with old documents from work. Regardless of the contents, you just need more space to store them. Rent a mini self-storage unit in Mount Pocono, PA, so you can have easy access to your snow storm essentials when January and February roll around. You might even be able to finally pull your car into the garage, too.

Rent out a safe storage space this fall for all your extra stuff, so your house is nice and clean for holiday parties. And also so you snow removal missions start off a little smoother!

To learn more about renting a self-storage unit this fall, visit AAA Self-Storage, Inc.’s website today:

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