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A Smart Approach to Spring Cleaning

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A Smart Approach to Spring Cleaning

About to get started on some of those spring cleaning projects? Have you thought about where you might store things after cleaning and organizing your home? Make sure you have a smart strategy in place! Here are four ways to maximize the comfort, functionality and appearance of your home after renting a self-storage unit:

  1. Turn your basement into the ultimate hang out spot. It doesn’t even have to be completely finished for you to take advantage of all that extra space downstairs. All you have to do is quit putting all those holiday decorations and other miscellaneous items down there. It’s time for you to realize the true potential of your basement. Whether you want to turn it into a man cave, for example, or a personal gym, a self storage unit in Tobyhanna, PA, or any of its surrounding areas, will help you get the job done!

  2. Get your shed ready for home improvement projects and repairs. Although you might have never intended on using your shed for storage, that’s probably exactly what ended up happening. Create more space in your shed, so you can actually use it the way you wanted to in the first place. By moving things like boxes, furniture and seasonal equipment into a storage unit, you’ll create more room to put those hand tools of yours to use. This way, you’ll have the space you need to build or fix things with ease.

  3. Finally park your car in the garage. Wouldn’t this be nice? You’ve waited long enough. And those piles are just getting taller and more intimidating. It’s time to use your garage for its original purpose: parking your car. It’s easy to get in the habit of tossing everything that doesn’t necessarily belong inside your home into the garage. There needs to be another solution, though; or else, everything will just keep on piling up, making it harder and harder to ever break the cycle.

  4. Quit junking up the spare room. It’s so convenient to have a spare room, isn’t it? You can turn it into an office, for example, library, personal gym or even a place where you show off your signed sports memorabilia. It’s also a perfect place for your friends, family or guests to sleep if they’re staying for the weekend, or after a long night of partying. Unfortunately, however, this room is probably filled with lots of junk. Give this spot more of a purpose, so you can start enjoying your home to its fullest potential.

Repurpose different areas of your home by giving yourself some extra space this spring!

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