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How to Safely Store Fur Coats and Accessories

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How to Safely Store Fur Coats and Accessories

Fur coats, stoles and accessories are often handed down as family heirlooms; they can be luxurious, fancy and very costly to replace or fix if damaged. Storing fur is not the same as storing any other type of fabric. Make sure to take our tips on how to keep your fur safe in storage, so you won’t have to deal with an expensive repair job later.

  • Store your fur in the dark. Fur does not do well when exposed to light, especially direct sunlight, as this causes the color of the fur to wash out over time. A dark place, like an armoire or a self-storage unit in Monroe County PA, is the best place to store a fur coat because it provides limited opportunities for light to enter and damage the material. Smaller accessories can benefit from the use of mini storage units in Tobyhanna PA, which offer an affordable solution to safe fur storage.
  • Choose the right hanger. Picking the right type of hanger to store your fur coat can mean the difference between a coat that ends up creased and damaged and one that retains its shape. You should never use a wire hanger to store a fur coat because they provide too much pressure on a small area of the coat and cannot support its full weight. Instead, look for a wooden hanger with broad shoulders that will be able to hold the full weight of the coat.
  • Cover with a cloth garment bag. You should never use a plastic garment bag for storing fur because plastic is a porous material; this means that it will absorb water from the fur, causing it to give off a dry and scratchy feel. Instead, choose a cloth garment bag, which can be purchased from most wedding shops or dry cleaners.

If you wish to learn more about properly storing your fur coat and other valuables, contact our staff at AAA Self-Storage, Inc. today!

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