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Tips for Wedding Dress Storage

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Tips for Wedding Dress Storage

Some things hold a magical amount of memories: our prom photos, a cherished baby blanket and a well-decorated graduation cap can evoke feelings just as strong as the day we used or received them.

For most women, their wedding dress is just too beautiful and has too much sentimental value to get rid of. Unfortunately, most women also don’t get the chance to wear their wedding gown very often. Use our tips to store it safely for years to come!

  • Go acid-free. If you choose to store your wedding dress in a box, make sure to choose an acid-free box. Storing your dress in an acid-free box will better protect it from heat, and will prevent staining as the acid yellows over time. Beware, many mass-produced wedding dress boxes advertised as acid-free are actually just covered in an acid-free coating. If you’re looking at long-term storage for your wedding dress, it’s better to pitch for a more expensive acid-free box, or to choose the hanging method of storage.

  • Consider storing away from home. Many women choose to store their wedding dresses in their attic or basement, but if you rent an apartment, are looking to move, or simply don’t have the room, companies providing affordable storage units in Mount Pocono PA can help keep your gown safe while out of the home. Don’t have a lot to store? Mini storage units in Mount Pocono PA help keep your memories safe on a budget!

  • Use a dust shield. If you are choosing the hanging method of storage, don’t forget to cover your dress with a special dress bag! Bagging your dress before hanging it allows the dress to breathe, as well as preventing moths or other insects from damaging your gown. Dust and light can also damage your dress, so for the safest storage, bag your dress before hanging it!

If you wish to learn more about these helpful tips or our stellar services here at AAA Self-Storage, we invite you to contact us today.

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